Hydraulic Seals


Hydraulic Seals and Gaskets: Why Prolon Is the Best Choice

by Vicky King for Prolon.com 

If you're looking to buy hydraulic seals, you've come to the right place. Prolon can help you decide which PTFE or engineered plastic hydraulic gasket best meets your needs-or help you design custom seals from the ground up. 

At Prolon, we welcome new challenges and problems to solve and pride ourselves on our custom design work. From concept to final product shipping, our engineering, sales and manufacturing branches work closely with clients to create the most cost-effective and reliable hydraulic pump parts available. 

At the same time, custom work is only part of what we do. Each year, we supply millions of standard hydraulic seals to industry partners through seamless manufacturing and delivery. In-house control over each step assures our customers they're getting the best that money can buy. 

Customized Hydraulic Seals: Accuracy Now & in the Future 

Prolon uses the latest CNC machining technology, of course. But beyond the standard technology, we optimize our process to make your unique custom hydraulic seals.


One advantage to using top of the line CNC manufacturing centers is the ability to store hydraulic seal specifications-forever. If you've gone through the painstaking process of custom designing seals and gaskets, you want to order them on demand in the future, whenever you need them.


You also want the newly manufactured hydraulic seals to exactly meet your quality expectations. Prolon's CNC centers assure that the final part out of the machine is the same as the first part, no matter when you reorder. Repeatability is paramount.


Focus on Precision: Statistical Process Control 

Once prototype hydraulic seals are approved and production begins, quality control becomes the primary focus. A well-designed gasket must be manufactured precisely so it performs as expected in the real-world setting. 

Reliability and consistency are assured through Prolon's state-of-the-art statistical process control (SPC). Descriptive analysis is performed at every step in gasket manufacturing, and this information is used for continuous process improvement. Once the process is stable, SPC keeps a close eye on hydraulic seal tolerances to maintain super high quality. While no seal manufacturing process is completely perfect, we strive to meet our customers' sophisticated demands. 

"Good enough" isn't good enough. Hydraulic seal failure can be a minor irritation or a complete catastrophe. Prolon's SPC assures that failure is minimized so you don't have to worry about your hydraulic seals and gaskets. 

The Right Choice for Standard or Custom Hydraulic Seal Products 

With the diverse services and products we have available, we can probably meet your needs through standard products. If your needs are unusual, we'll walk with you through the whole custom design process from start to finish. 

Precise statistical process control, industry standard materials, reliability and consistency combine in our unique products. We're committed to bringing you quality hydraulic seals that satisfy your current requirements and help your company grow into the future.